Welcome to Laughing Out Loud.

I've started this site for no other reason than to attempt to bring you a bite sized bit of introspection and a great joke, once a week, for 52 weeks.

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These podcasts, like life, are not all rated G. So fair warning to the weak of heart. LOL is for adults! (Or very mature toddlers.) I call it cleanly irreverant.

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Thanks for tuning in, and have a laugh (and maybe something more) on me!



If you'd like to drop me a line, make a comment or even tell me a joke, feel free. If it's a good one, I'll add it to my little black calendar book!


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NOV.DEC. 2010 LOL MP3s
JAN. FEB. 2011 LOL MP3s

Episode 36 - Runaway Favorites 3:15
Episode 37 - Right Place Right Time 4:02
Episode 38 - Sunday Basketball 4:07
Episode 39 - American Movie 4:28
Episode 40 - Mint Condition 3:55
Episode 41 - Moody People 3:05
Episode 42 - Hey Geno 3:32
Episode 43 - Reaching Back 4:35
Episode 44 - Whatdya Get? 5:10
Episode 45 - Snap Decisions 3:55
Episode 46 - Jam Sessions 5:48
Episode 47 - Playoff Season 4:15
Episode 48 - Arm Candy 4:24
Episode 49 - Is This Normal 4:54
Episode 50 - The Chicken Exit 3:47
Episode 51 - Really Sick Humor 5:35
Episode 52 - Check The Cup 6:12